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Empower Your Business with Tailored AI Agents

With Lolos AI, deploy your own AI custom assistant for conversation and operation management.
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Unifying Data, Empowering Decisions

Multi Channel

Enhance customer engagement with our versatile AI, effortlessly connecting via chat, email, social media, and phone for seamless, efficient interaction.
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Multi Model

Elevate efficiency with our multi-model AI, seamlessly integrating GPT-4, LLaMA, Mistral, and more, offering diverse, powerful, and advanced LLMs.
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Multiple Sources

LOLOs AI excels in multi-source integration, efficiently pooling data from various platforms and databases for a comprehensive, data-driven approach.
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Optimize business insights with our AI-driven visualization, showcasing economic results and monitoring agent performance for strategic, informed decision-making.
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Corporate Service

Transform your enterprise with Lolos

Lolos AI is an AI Agent Solution that supports multi-model, multi-source, and multiple channels. With Lolos, the agent converses with your customers, monitors their moods, analyzes accounting, makes recommendations, and even executes sales, propelling your business to the next level.


Boost conversions, enhance satisfaction.


Swift, personalized, effective service.


Precise, streamlined financial management.


Insightful, data-driven strategic decisions.

FAQ about Lolos AI

In minutes you can create your own AI Agent selecting it from a bunch of template, after that you just need to train Lolos on your daily operations and automate recurrent tasks. 

Almost any business you can reuse pre-trained Lolos AI Agents for sales, customer support or accountant assistance, and use to conversational interact your preferred channel like Whatsapp, Slack, Instagram, etc.

Yes, most of the models deployed for Lolos AI support multiple messages what means you can deploy sales, customer support or retrieve information from regions with different languages.

The platform has significantly enhanced our construction planning processes. It allows us to monitor regulations and optimize costs by considering previous projects, resulting in improved efficiency and compliance in our project management.

Simon Dahinden

Simon Dahinden

Director at Dahinden Beat

Lolos AI revolutionized our sales by automating WhatsApp interactions, boosting efficiency and customer engagement. Its user-friendly design ensures seamless integration, optimizing sales strategies. We recommend Lolos AI for its effectiveness.

Adriana Correa

Adriana Correa

Sales Director at Mi Granja
multiple channels

Engage customers and communicate with data using multiple channels.





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